Visiting Seville during the winter

Seville, the capital of Andalusia, is a very popular tourist city. No matter what the season, it remains a destination that attracts a lot of people and has a lot to offer. Between festivals, events and historical monuments, Seville is a city where you never get bored. Winter is an ideal season to discover the city of Seville while escaping the heat and without suffering too much from the cold.

In this article you will discover the places and activities to visit during winter in Seville.


What to visit in Seville during winter?

Visiting Seville during winter is a great alternative to avoid the hustle and bustle of summer. You will be able to take advantage of the infrastructure while enjoying the calm of the Sevillian winter.

 The Cathedral of Seville and the Alcazar

You can’t visit Seville without going to the unmissable Cathedral of Seville. The largest Gothic cathedral in the world and a historical monument of the city, it attracts thousands of tourists. The advantage of going there in winter is to avoid this crowd and enjoy a greater experience. Don’t forget to visit the Alcazar Palace and its majestic gardens and the Plaza del Triunfo and its ancient architecture.

Plaza de España and Maria Luisa Park

Another place not to be missed in Seville is the Plaza de España, located in the gigantic Maria Luisa Park, known for its architecture and the canal that runs through it.

Here you will find the historical buildings where the public administrations are located or the frescos representing the old Spanish provinces.

Since the temperatures are pleasant in winter, you can rent bicycles or take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage and enjoy the natural beauties that the park offers.


Sevilla On Ice

Are you going to Seville with your family around Christmas? We recommend a trip to Seville on Ice. A winter amusement park located in the Muelle de las Delicias, near the Prado de San Sebastian esplanade.  It has the largest ice rink in Spain, along with other infrastructures. With slides, Ferris wheels and other attractions, Sevilla on Ice has everything to delight young and old as well.

Visits to museums

For cooler days or for culture lovers, Seville has many museums. We recommend the flamenco museum, the emblematic Spanish dance. Seville is the only place that offers a total immersion in the world of flamenco. You will discover exhibitions of traditional costumes. The museum also has an auditorium where concerts are organized.

You will also find the Fine Arts Museum in the Plaza del Museo where an expert guide will share with you the history of Spain through art.

Christmas in Seville

Visit Seville during the winter, but especially at Christmas. Despite the absence of snow, Seville is full of charm at this time of year. The streets of the city are decorated creating a festive and participative atmosphere. At the Christmas market, you can discover local traditions and make unique and personalized purchases. Sevillians love to celebrate Christmas, you can enjoy the street concerts but especially the nativity scenes hidden throughout the city.


Where to stay in Seville during winter?

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